“Having worked with the guys at Aspect Supportability providing Technical Authors and ILS Engineers for some time now I can honestly say they are a pleasure to work with. Unlike a lot of independent companies they have clear focus on what they need and how to get there. This makes my life much more straight-forward, I am given full knowledge of the programme of works as well as the technical skills the role requires, this is something that is very rare in today’s recruitment industry as very few hiring managers have that complete picture of their project. Couple that with their understanding that contract recruitment requires quick decisions in order to retain the engineers they want makes Aspect Supportability a truly exceptional company to work with.

On a personal note, I’ve always found the Managers at Aspect to be very easy to talk to, they’re relaxed, approachable and very technically minded, as a seasoned recruiter I will always work with like-minded people first.

As a result when I do find myself with a highly skilled engineer in the aerospace market I will always give Aspect Supportability first refusal on the CV as well as give the engineer a full understanding of what a great company Aspect Supportability are to work for.”

Colin Atkins
Principal Recruitment Consultant
Gold Group Ltd