Support Equipment – Design Definition and Proving

The need, design requirements and application of Support Equipment (SE) evolves from Supportability Analysis and is coordinated by Maintenance Planning specialists. The necessity for SE offers scope for substantial cost saving in terms of inventory, ergonomics and how the SE is utilised.

Employing many years’ experience of working with and operating SE, Aspect works closely with Maintainability, System Designers and Tool Designers to provide a clear, focussed and comprehensive set of design requirements that shape a safe, efficient, lower cost, minimum weight and mass, piece of SE. This collaboration results in reduced operator error with minimum stress and wear on the equipment handled.

Following manufacture, Aspect can conduct Validation and Verification on the SE to demonstrate functionality, safe operation, and interface with equipment being handled/associated SE.

Examples of equipment we have been involved with are Specialist Tooling, Fixtures, Special To Type Containers, Ground Support Rigs, Protective Covers, Adaptors and Maintenance Frames.