Aspect has great depth of knowledge and experience in spares analysis and management for both simple and more complex large scale engineering projects. Primarily we provide services to address:

•  Recommended spares holding (range, scale, insurance, high cost and long lead items)
•  Spares consolidation and alternates
•  Supply chain tracking and order administration
•  Part codification (NATO Stock Number)
•  Obsolescence Management (availability modelling and cost avoidance)
•  Illustrated parts catalogues, lists, provisioning data exchange systems
•  Logistic footprint assessment
•  Spares pack costing.

Spares provisioning links a discrete set of technical and supply aspects of support analysis, using engineering data to enable spares procurement, NATO codification and the creation of the Technical Documentation. Although the emphasis is up front analysis on product introduction to service, it is usually applied through life to maintain the configuration management between the equipment and its spares, tools & test equipment and Technical Documents.

Spares analysis is relevant to the maintenance capability and can include major items (installation unit, main assembly), components or parts, objects or raw materials (consumables), standard or special tools, modification kits, part blanks, repair kits.

Spares analysis and provisioning has a substantial impact on the equipment product life cycle cost and availability, hence great importance should be afforded to up front and ongoing analysis.

Aspect offers a comprehensive service to ensure smart planning, accurate identification of provisioning items consistent with relevant user maintenance tasks, the timely provision of selected items, taking account of deadlines, delivery locations, batching, existing stocks and the re-provision of consumed items.