The change control and recording of an equipment Bill of Material or build standard should be managed throughout its lifecycle to enable real time tracking of the equipment configuration.

The purpose and benefits of using a configuration management system are:

•  To enable the configuration status and history to be continuously recorded and available
•  Product configuration information is documented and visible throughout the life cycle of the product / project and a baseline for making changes is established
•  To identify and record the physical and functional characteristics of significant parts
•  Changes are evaluated, recorded, authorised, verified and implemented by a controlled procedure
•  Actual product configuration is verifiable against the recorded physical baselines.

Logistics part data should be harmonised to the product design data manager, spares provisioning and technical publications to ensure only an approved part can be utilised, is appropriately tracked and support requirements are correctly addressed.

Aspect can provide a change management service employing specialist software that manages a set of ‘logistic change authorities’ which control and record the logistic Bill of Material at a serialised part, assembly or range of equipment level.