Supportability Analysis Data Management

The Logistic Support Analysis Record (LSAR) or Logistics Information Repository (LIR) holds all the necessary details accumulated by Supportability Analysis tasks, and reflects design changes through regular updates to define the products logistic support requirement.

It provides a source of design feedback at a detail level and is used as the source of information for the development of support policies and the acquisition of support resources. The LSAR/LIR also provides a central store of data to avoid inconsistency and duplication and provides the ability to manipulate, store, import and extract data easily. These are relational databases that are often referred to as an Automatic Data Processing (ADP) tool/system.

Aspect Ltd has many years of experience of establishing, maintaining and exploiting support data held in the LSAR/LIR. We primarily use and recommend the EAGLE/EPS APD system which benefits from commonality to Technical Publications and Provisioning.  This gives the ability to output integrated electronic Data Modules for Procedural, Operator and for Spares/Parts breakdown from single source configured controlled data.  Other proprietary tools we use include SLICwave and OmegaPS. For projects where full LSA is not conducted or minimal dataset is needed, (perhaps vendor logistic data sets), Aspect can provide bespoke but spec or customer compliant LSAR ADP tools to allow secure electronic storage, exchange and access, and for managing change.

When compiled correctly and exploited to its full extent, LSAR/LIR will quantify the support solution (maintenance policy and instructions, resource requirements, configuration, reliability, PHS&T, log footprint etc.).