Human Factors Integration (HFI) must be considered across maintenance and operation activities. These ‘people related’ considerations include ergonomics, anatomy and the work environment all of which should be analysed as part of the system design influence to promote the safe and efficient use of people.

By integrating HFI into the Design Environment during development, in line with ISO 6385:
•  Significant improvements in end user product satisfaction and cost of ownership will be achieved.
•  Substantial savings will be made within the product development budget, by identification of engineering change requirements prior to even the first prototype being produced.
•  Resource requirements, both human and equipment, are identified early in development.
•  Health Hazards can be identified and mitigated at the earliest stage.

Here at Aspect, we have experienced HFI engineers who work with design and development to ensure the practicalities of maintenance can be achieved with consideration to the local environment and customer needs. We utilise our depth of practical knowledge and relevant industry tools (Visualization and Jack) to provide evidence of non-compliance within a virtual environment.