Sometimes referred to as Packaging Handling Storage and Transportation (PHS&T) analysis, it identifies the requirements of safely and effectively moving and protecting equipment and spares and is a primary element in the ‘ILS’ group of tasks. It ensures items are packaged and labelled, stored, handled and transported as appropriate via the supply chain so that items reach the user in a usable and acceptable state.

Items that are considered for PHS&T analysis are derived from several ILS tasks including MTA, LORA, Spares Analysis, LCC, Use Study and Facilities assessment. The results of the analysis and their requirements are usually recorded in an LSAR/LIR and form part of the Support Policy for the particular system or product.

Aspect can provide a PHS&T assessment service to determine type of packaging (COTS/STC), handling requirements (manual, lifting equipment, air, sea, rail and land) and how to preserve equipment in storage (environmental considerations, inspection, testing).