Our objective is to develop an affordable, relevant and optimised support policy that best reflects our Customer needs. This is achieved by Customer teaming and the mobilisation of our staff with subject matter expertise in Integrated Logistic Support (ILS).

ILS is a disciplined management approach aimed at optimising Life-Cycle Cost (LCC). It considers all support elements to influence equipment design and determine support requirements to provide supportable and supported equipment.

The major goals of ILS are to:

•  Influence the design early enough to be effective
•  Identify and Develop support resource requirements
•  Acquire resources
•  Provide the required In-Service support at the optimum LCC.

Most of the total life-cycle costs are not seen during the Procurement Phases. There are many In-Service costs, which can far out-weigh the initial purchase cost.
The prime elements are often used to tailor and model Integrated Logistics Support (ILS):

•  Support System Planning and Execution
•  Maintenance Analysis, Requirements, Planning and Validation
•  Logistics Data Development and Integration
•  Spares Provisioning/Supply Support
•  Support and Test Equipment (S&TE)
•  Reliability and Maintainability Engineering (R&M)
•  Facilities Requirements
•  Manpower and Human Factors
•  Training and Training Equipment
•  Technical Documentation
•  System Safety Case
•  Repair Engineering and Process Development
•  Repair and Overhaul Management Systems
•  Element Plans
•  Logistics Support Analysis (LSA).

Aspect Ltd is ready to prepare and assist our customers on each step of their product life-cycle. Our Managers and Support Engineers have detailed knowledge of relevant processes complimented by a pragmatic and thorough work ethic to help ensure the highest levels of product readiness and affordability are achieved.